Circular needle / sweater help


I’m making up a sweater pattern as I go along and I just wanted to get a second opinion on something.
I have 30 stitches for the arm hole and I will have to separate the body section for the arms.
I casted on 76 stitches for the body, I will split that up and knit across 38 stitches for body each side. Should I knit 15 rows for each side? Because the arms have 30 stitches. This seems right in my head but I’ve never done this before so any comments are welcome.


You’re knitting this bottom up in the round? Are you going to bind off any sts at the underarm?
I would recommend looking at a pattern in a similar gauge just to get an idea of the armhole shaping. Ravelry is a good place to start searching for a free pattern to use as a guide, at least this first time around.

I’m knitting from the bottom up yes. I’m working off a pattern thats flat and not in circular needles. I just didn’t want to spend time on seaming up my body part. Anyway the pattern says…

cast off the first 4 stitches, then knit to the end of the row
cast off the first 4 stitches, then purl to the end of the row.

maybe i should just swap to straight needles for this part? i seem to be confusing myself :sweat_smile:

You could cast off for the armholes (8stseach side) on the current round but on the next, you’ll have to change to knitting back and forth. If it seems easier for you, go ahead and change to knitting flat now and follow the diractions for binding off 4sts at the beginning of the next two rows.

oh my gosh I was ready off a raglan sweater pattern and not the right pattern! sorry about that i had a few patterns on my desk. anyway the pattern has no cast offs on the body for the sleeve, its basically just a knit up to the top and knit a neck hole. So should I just divide the sleeve stitches in half? I have 30 stitches cast off for the sleeves (circular knitted like the body) and when I knit flat now for the top half of the body do I knit 15 rows? split the number in half? At 15 I’ll cast off on the right then leave live stitches on for the neck then cast off on the left…hope it makes sense :fearful:

Basically rather than counting rows, you want to measure the sleeve top in inches and leave about half that number of inches for the armhole.