Circular needle question

Help! I have recently started back knitting after an almost 2 year absence (3 kids, new job, etc…). I am working on a baby blanket that I started two years ago on circular needles. I just finished a long row of pearl stitch and when I got to the end, the yarn is attached to both ends. What did I do wrong? I watched the circular needle “how to” video on to help me get started. Aaaagghh!

this might be a case where a picture of the situation would help. a pattern link would be nice too, if you have it, but more so a picture of what your knitting looks like.

Yes, a picture would be helpful. I’m thinking that since it’s a blanket and you said a long row that you’re knitting flat. Did you just start knitting at the wrong end and tinking back that row will put the yarn where it should be?

Hope this helps.

I tried to post a pic but can’t get it to go through. I may have to take it to my local yarn store and get some help. Thanks!

Is it too large to post? You may have to resize it. I use but there are other sites also.

It’s sounds like maybe you accidentally joined your knitting for knitting in the round. I would tink back a row then make sure when you knit or purl the row that your working yarn is coming from the left needle with the stitches. It helps to push the stitches up in the left needle so it’s more like straight needles.

Yeah. That makes it much clearer than what I wrote. Thanks!