Circular needle question

I apparently bought the wrong size circular knitting needles. My pattern says to use a 16 inch and I have a 24 inch. Can I get away with it?:knitting:

I think the only way it would be a problem is if the object you are knitting is going to be done in the round and the 24" would stretch out the stitches too much. If it’s going to be knit flat then it won’t make any difference.


:doh: Darn. In the round. WAAAHHHHH!! I wanted to start tonight. LOL

Well, what are you knitting exactly; you might be able to get away with it if it isn’t too big and you try the magic loop technique.

It’s a hat. Here is the link , but I don’t know the magic loop techniques.

Oh I am making the child size.

Amy has kindly posted a video demonstrating the technique under advanced techniques in the small diameter knitting portion. Just click and or highlight the “View Videos” tab.

Ooooo, no, the 24" won’t work if using the usual circular technic with the child’s size in that pattern. It says it stretches to fit 18" - 20", and when you use circs, you need to have the sts comfortable go around the needle, with a little ease to spare. So if it were, say, for King Kong’s head, with an actual finished circumference of 26", to stretch to fit 28" - 30", then, yes, a 24" needle would work. I’m not a magic loop user, but my understanding is that that works best on long circs, such as at least 32". So unless you have a set of DPNs in the right size, I think you are going to have to wait until you get the 16" circ. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!:aww:

Yes you can use the 24", that’s all I use to make hats. Look at the magic loop video and practice it a bit until you’re comfortable with it. Since the needle is a bit shorter you can just use it with only 1 loop instead of 2. Spread your sts out from the left needle and make only the right side loop. It works just fine and you don’t need the 16" needle. It will actually be a better size than the 16 when you get to the top and have to work on a lot fewer sts than you cast on with.

:roflhard: Thanks. Oh well. I guess it was the knitting gods way of saying “Finish your scarf already!”. My husband had already chastised me about starting a new project before finishing my old one. LOL:knitting:

Truthfully, I find 16" needles a pain to knit with. The cords are too short.