Circular needle question

what does it mean when the directions state cast on X amount, then join and knit each row.

i get the cast on <grin>
i get the knit <grin>
but what does join mean?

and how would i use a row marker?

(the dumb blonde strikes again!)


To join you will be taking your last cast on st that has the working yarn attached to it…and knitting the first st you cast on…this way you can start knitting in the round…before you start knitting in the round you will want to lay the knitting down and make sure all the cast on sts are laying the same way…if not you will get a twist…

The stitch marker is used so you know where the beg. of the round is…between the last and first cast on st…

Amy has a video hereof knitting in the round :happydance:

I’m a blonde and I’m not dumb. Everyone has to learn stuff. I won’t explain how to join the stitches together as it’s just repeated the previous posts.

Dustinac gave you directions for the most basic join. It works just fine and I used it (and only knew it for many, many years). There are some other ways to join. Join just means to connect the cast on stitches into a circle for knitting in the round.

A simple join that I like to use now is this. Cast on one extra stitch to do the join. (When the join is completed you will have the number called for in the CO directions.) After you have checked to make sure there are no twists (the way I do this is to make sure all the cast on edges of the stitches appear on the inside of the circle formed when I bring the ends of the circular together) slip the last stitch you cast on (it will be on the right hand tip of the needle) over to the tip of the left hand needle. Now work that slipped stitch together with what was the first stitch on the left hand needle. You can knit the 2tog or purl them together, whatever you are suppose to do. This makes a neat join.


I got sick of always slipping the stitch marker so now I use a point guard on the #1 needle. I just remove it when I’m ready to knit at the beginning of a new round and put it on the back of the new needle. I used to use them on ALL the needles because I had a problem with stitches falling off, but that’s another matter.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

I missed this part about the stitch marker for the beginning of the round. I always put mine[U] after[/U] the first stitch. That way it won’t just fall off when you are at the beginning of a round.

Hartleystudio’s idea would work if you were using double pointed needles.

I put my marker between the 1st and 2nd stitches too… I also use little ponytail holders, they are stretchy so they slip easy…