Circular Needle Question

Is there any way to make the plastic cord between the needles on circulars less rigid? This is my first time not using addi turbos and I am surprised at how rigid and unpliable the cord is – it seems to make knitting much more difficult.


you can’t how pliable they are, but you can ‘de curl’ them.

1–drop needle in small bowl of hot (from the kettle) water,
remove after a few seconds, with a cloth, dry and pull straight.


2 use a hair dryer to warm plastic and pulll straight (usefull if you have stitches on needles!)

when i learned to knit, circ’s often had metal cables… (i still have some circ’s with metal cables, see my blog (i posted about my collection needles a few weeks ago)

after learning on them, anything is easy!