Circular Needle Question

Well I haven’t been able to knit in several months, and dog gone it, this guy here needs to work on something. I have some really nice highland wool I got for Christmas and I was thinking of doing a circular scarf. Now would 16" be to big in diameter? I want to start on it this weekend and pick up the needles tonight. I still haven’t finished my last project though. :oops:

What pattern are you considering?

Most likely just a simple all knit circular scarf. Now particular pattern in mind. I was going to use the yarn for a cabled scarf, but I’m not in the mood for one… :smiley:

How wide do you want to make the scarf? I know you could do it on the 16" circs just knitting back and forth (not circular).

I want to make it circular. Probably about an average width. Though I could always make it a little wider than my head and then slip it over my head as a neck warmer…

Your best bet then would be to do it on two circular needles or on one using the magic loop method. Otherwise I would guess that it would end up being too wide. Or I think the Addi Turbos come in a 12 inch length. If so that would probably work for you.

Alright I’ll have to give that a whirl tomorrow.

Ok, so I haven’t started on my scarf yet, because I ran across another question. I know the scarf will be somewhat stretchy, and so I have come to an interesting question. My head is around 23" in cricumference and my neck is about 14". I want the scarf to be able to fit around my head, but be snug against my neck in case I want to wear it just as a neck warmer. Is this even a plausible goal? I’m using worsted weight wool yarn if that makes any difference. Thanks.

If you do it in some kind of stretchy ribbing, it should work…

How would I make ribbing on circular needles. I know knitting each stich gives stockinette, so would I just K1, P1 to rib as normal?

so would I just K1, P1 to rib as normal?

yep!!! that’s exactly right :thumbsup:

Alright one more dumb question. About how big should I make the scarf to work with the dimensions above? Any estimates?

I would take a guage…

find the guage of the yarn over a 4 inch square
then…take your measurements…I would think between your head, so you can get it over your head, and your neck…so it won’t choke you…

then multiply your gage x measurements=number of stitches to cast on.

so if your guage is 5 stitches to the inch, and your head is 20 inches and neck 14…I’d pick something like 18 inches…so 5*18=94, so cast on 94 stitches.

When knitting in the round as on circulars, just knit, don’t do knit and purl to find out guage. So, cast on about 20 stitches, knit 1 row, rather than turning it around to purl, bring the yarn behind the work, and slide your knitting back down to the right side of the needle, and knit again, and keep going in this manner.

We knit a different guage without the purl, so to get an accurate guage, this is a bit better method.

I got this method for CO’s on the website they give a generic sock pattern…I would think the method would be the same. Good luck!!!

Thanks, I’m going to try to start today after school.