circular needle question

my grandma is trying to use circular needles with this pattern, she asks if she joins needle, how do i turn?

thanks for your help

It’s knit on circular needles but it isn’t joined to knit in the round. It is seamed at the end.

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thanks alot

i relayed gran your message shes having trouble it looks like sock is on the circular shes on the foot section and she doesnt understand what to do on row 2, i think she said something about taking needle out, shes stuck. thanks for your patience.

The Foot section on page 2? She’s already knit the tongue and shaped the toe. There are 7sts on the needle. Row 1 is pick up sts along the left edge of the tongue. I tried to show that on the diagram for Row 1. Continue to knit the 13sts of the cuff which have been hanging out on the needle.
Now turn to the WS, the inside of the slipper and knit back to the right edge of the tongue, pick up 19sts and continue to knit the 13sts of the cuff that are waiting on that side.

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awesome, thanks alot