Circular needle question

If your pattern calls for a 14" circular needle, you can’t use a longer one (29") right? But if it calls for a 29" and you only have 14" then you can use the 14" right (provided you want to jam all your sts on there)?

I want to knit a hat that calls for a size 6 14" circ needle and I realized as I was looking through my circular needles that I picked up a size 6 needle 29" TWICE on different occasions and of course I don’t have the reciepts to return one (probably give it away).

So, I probably need to get a 14" one to do my hat, right? Otherwise the sts I am supposed to cast on will be pulled too tight trying to knit in the round?

Thanks from absentminded land! :doh:

If you want to make a 29" hat, then you can use your 29" needle. :wink:

However, you can use two circs to knit small diameter, and your 29’s would be perfect for that!

yeah don’t just automatically assume you won’t ever use them…they are great for bigger items like blankets and such and really great for knitting in the round on two circs (check amy’s video …it really is very easy. :thumbsup: )

oh and you are likely never going to want to try to jam 29 inches worth of stitches on a 14 inch needle…at least not more than once! :shock:

Thanks gals. :smiley: I will keep them and check out how to knit with two circs.