Circular Needle pattern help

I’m trying to make a hood using circular needles the instructions begin cast on 82 sts. Join, taking care not to twist sts.Place marker for beg of rnd. I don’t understand what they mean by join? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Join means to start knitting. Spread the sts out and with the yarn going to the ball on the right needle, knit into the first stitch on the left needle.

I found a beautiful cable pattern that i am trying to knit with circular needles for a hat. But alittle confused when it comes to the second round since i don’t turn. can some one help.

Exampe: rw 1: p1, (k2 p6,k2 p1)
rw 2: k1 (p2 K6 P2,K1)
can someone help me with this

Cables are like ribbing except on the row you cross the stitches. So if you knit the knit sts and p the purl stitches, you’ll stay in pattern.

Is your example how the pattern actually reads or have you changed row 2? If it’s the original pattern you would do exactly the same as row 1. - p1, (k2 p6, k2, p1) Only I suspect row 1 is the WS row; cables are generally made on knit sts and the only set of stitches in that repeat is the 6 and they’re purled on R 1, so it probably isn’t the RS.

@Sewon, to add to what suzeeq wrote, when you’re knitting a circular item you bring your last cast-on stitch to meet your first cast-on stitch (like a snake eating its own tail). You “join” the two ends by knitting/purling your first stitch into your first cast-on stitch while the working yarn is still attached to the last cast-on stitch. Working that first stitch joins the two ends and completes the circle. Just make sure all cast-on stitches are on the inside of the cable and not twisted.