Circular Needle help

These things are so frustrating. Lol.

My wires on circular needles are twisting everywhere and feels like I’m wrestling an alligator. Tho think I strengthen some of my arm muscles some but is there any tricks or tips for keeping them right?

Also, is the wrong side suppose to be facing you or the right side when using circular needles with Judy’s Magic Cast On? Tyvm.


To unkink the cords, dip them into very hot water for a minute or two, then let them cool as you hold them out straight. May need a couple dips to help, then the weight of the knitting should straighten them somewhat into a curved shape. Don’t get the tips or joins wet, that could loosen them up.

Never could get the hang of JMCO so can’t help with that, but after you do it, you can turn it whichever way you need to get it so the RS is facing.

When you start Judy’s Magic Cast On, you’re knitting on the inside of the flattened loop of stitches. The purl bumps show up if you flip the loop over. After you complete the first knit row (including knitting one set of sts throught the back loop) you can push the toe of the sock through and hold the knitting so that you’re knitting as usual along the outside. You can see this at the very end of the video.

The cables on some needles are less flexible and more annoying. (There are needle brands and sets that don’t do this either at all or near as much.) For now though do as Sue suggested. When you aren’t using them hang them from the cable so the cable isn’t coiled. something like this -

Thank you all!