Circular needle decreasing help

I’m brand new to knitting and I was wondering if someone could help me. I did my first project which was a hat on circular needles thinking it would be easy…little did I know I would have to switch needles when decreasing…I ended up moving to DPN’s which worked!!! but I had trouble keeping the stitches the same tightness and am wondering if switching to Magic Loop or 2 circs would yield better results…but I couldn’t figure out either…

Can someone describe how to transfer your hat project from circs to Magic Loop and from circs to 2 circs…I just can’t picture it…

could anyone take a picture of a hat that is on Magic Loop or 2 circs so I could look at it.

Also when you are decreasing on DPN’s I found that I ended up having to move stitches from needle to needle(knit 3 knittog2…there wouldn’t be two left on one needle…is that what you are supposed to do?

Finally…sorry for all the questions…is there a video on weaving the tail of the hat in? I read instructions but I just don’t understand things unless I see it in motion…is it woven in on the inside of the hat? Thanks for all your help. Sorry if this is an annoying post.

To go from using circulars the regular way to using Magic Loop you don’t have to transfer the stitches, pull out the sides of the cord is all. To use 2 circulars, you just begin knitting with the 2nd one, knit half the stitches with it, then take the tail of the one that’s the other end of the left needle and use it for the right needle. No transferring sts from one to the other there.

Have you looked at the videos for circular knitting to see how to do it using ML and 2 circs?

For weaving in the tail at the end, pull it through the leftover stitches until they close up, then weave it through the stitches like you would a BO at the end of a flat piece. Look at Demo of a Small Project on the Misc techniques page.


I did watch the videos…I guess I need to go back again…for some reason my mind just wouldn’t latch on to the idea. Thanks for your help…I really appreciate it.

a normal magic loop is sort of like a bow tie, (with the stitches in the middle)

when making a hat (or as i doing, *knitting an 80 stitch scarf in the round)

you can do a half magic loop,

i slide the stitches to the tip of ‘left needle’.

i pull the right needle (there isn’ enough ‘cable’ on my circ to make a loop on the left side, just on right side) and i start knitting.

by mid point in the round, the loop is opposite the working tips, by the end of the row, the loop is at the left.

its a bit awkward (for me, round after round, but i manage) but it gets less awkward with each decrease in a hat.

asl will all magic loop, its easier to do wht a 29 or 32 inch needle than with a 16 inch one.

Hey, that’s my method, of troy! Did you `unvent’ it years ago like I did, when the only needles available were 29" or 32"? :wink: