Circular needle blanket pattern help!

Hi! This is my first post, I hope I posted in the correct forum but here goes:

I am starting to knit a blanket used with all of my scrap yarn I’ve collected recently.

It instructs you to user circular needles and to join the ends together. I’ve used circular needles before but only when used like straight needles but this is the first time that I had to really knit in the round.

I started to knit it and went through my first color, but I somehow ended up twisting it while I was knitting. But when I took it off the circular needles (because I had no idea on how to fix the twist that happened) it came off in a circle. I guess I’m confused on how this is supposed to end up being a blanket when it’s being knit like its a tube and comes off the needles like that?? Any insight/comments/help would be appreciated.

Also, this may be a silly question, but on the pattern it says to slip the stitch between the two stitch makers on alternate rounds in the middle of the blanket, does that mean to slip that stich every other time?

Any help would be appreciated I’d really like to make this blanket to use up all the scrap yarn I’ve collected. Plus it’ll be a great addition in my new home!!

If it says to knit in the round, you will be making a tube. I guess it ends up being a double thickness. As for slipping the stitch it sounds like you’re interpreting it correctly. Can you link to your pattern? That is generally helpful.

Of course! :slight_smile:

I tried to at first but i was getting an error hen I went to post :slight_smile:

That’s a neat idea. Yes, slipping the stitch at the markers will help it fold and when it’s all knit you close off the ends. I think I’ll start tossing odds and ends of yarn in a big garbage bag. At least that way I’ll think I’m going to do something with them as they are and quit trying to figure out what to do with them.

I’ve seen suggestions that you can work a few rows flat and then join to avoid the mobius effect. With that many stitches, I think I would.

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Yes, GG’s suggestion to knit a few rows flat will make it easier to join to knit in the round without twisting the knitting. Once it’s twisted, there’s no way to fix it without ripping it out.