Circular/kntting needle suggestions, please?

I have just purchased a 6.00 mm (us:1) 29"-73.5 cm circular needles
have a pack of 4>> 3.25MM-(us:3) dbl.

can I make socks with these???

where do I go to find patterns for socks that are for a beginner, if I can?

6mm is US 10, you can make bulky socks with these using worsted weight yarn. The size 4s should make regular socks, though you may have to use a DK yarn, not fingering weight.

I don’t see why you couldn’t make socks with those. 6mm is pretty big though.

I think Silver’s Sock Class tutorial is the best place to learn to make your first socks.

okay, thanks so much friends!!!

knitting guy, where do I find the sock class at, friend?

thanks for the fast replies!

It’s here -

oh thank you thank you thank you!!!