Circular knitting

I have just started a project of knitting a sweater in the round. The pattern calls for US 17 (24") needles and I was wondering if I can use US 17 (29"). Does it matter if the length of the needles are longer than what the pattern calls for?

If your stitches fit around the needle, that’s what counts. Usually a pattern will call for a needle that’s shorter than the circumference of the work, because you can always bunch your stitches a bit, but if they don’t fit easily from tip to tip, it won’t work.

You can try casting on and working a few rows and see if the 29 will work for you.

And if that’s a couple inches too short at first, you can pinch the cord and pull through the stitches to make a loop. Sort of a variant on Magic Loop. And after a couple inches it should be okay to use without the loop.