Circular Knitting

[B]When you do nothiner but garter on circular needles, you get Stockineete sticth… O.K. now my question is… Is that stockinette going to CURL ? I always use Garter stitch for BOREDERS on knitting wjen I use Straigh Needles. So how to keep knitting from CURLING on circs?


It will still curl…but you can make garter st in the round by knitting one round and purling the next…depends on the pattern…a lot of times they will have you go back and add edgings or will have a different stitch pattern before the St st…

[B][COLOR=Red]1–stitches[/COLOR] [/B](identified patterns of knitted stitches) [COLOR=Red][B]are identified by the way they look, not by how they are created.[/B][/COLOR]

if you are working in the round --and knit every row, you are “knitting” stocking knit.

If you are working flat and knit every row, you are “Knitting” garter stitch.

[B]the named pattern[/B] is not defined by “knit every row” but by HOW IT LOOKS!

if you don’t want the edge to curl, knit on an edging, be it ribbing or garter stitch (which is defined by the appearance of SINGE ROW OF KNIT AND PURL Stitches ON BOTH sides of the work.

working in the round, you work 1 round of Knits, followed by a row of Purls.
or you can use ribbing, or seed stitch, or any other number of edging…
(Nicky Epstien has 3 books of edging ideas… each book has 350 or so patterns… (even with some overlap, there are 1000 ideas… and all three books (Knitting ON,(OVER, BEYOND) the Edge at full price are less than $100-or 10Cents or so per idea/pattern! a bargain if there ever was one (and its not hard to find these books discounted!)

Like wises, K1, P1 (every row) =
1 X1 ribbing (if you cast on an even number of stitches) and are knitting flat.

but it is SEED stitch if you cast on an odd number of stitches.

the pattern is NOT DEFINED by the process (K1, P1) but by the output/outcome.

[SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]2–stocking knit will curl. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

when knit in round it will only curl on top and bottom edges since there are no 'side edges (but a tube)

and when knitting in the round and working each row as KNITS you are not knitting garter stitch, but stocking knit!

Whether it curls depends a little on what you’re making. If it’s for a hat, that’s okay, the end will curl up and the top will be finished off, so it doesn’t matter. If it’s for arm or leg warmers, you need ribbing to help it snug up anyway.

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I’ll certainly look for those books! Thanks!



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