Circular Knitting

Hello All,
I am new to Knitting and have found this website extremely helpful. I have a question that is probably very basic for everybody. I have used circular needles to make bags only. Now I would like to knit a shawl (simple triangle) that calls for circular but have not idea how I am supposed to use the needles. Just turn the needles like they where straight?
Just wanted to confirm that and also was wondering if you have recomendations on a particular brand and type of needles, I have seen sets that you can exchange the cables, are they good?
Thanks a lot!

Yes, you just turn the work like you described.

Welcome, another Texas knitter here!

I have had the Boye Needlemaster interchangeable set since 1991, and I’ve always been pleased with it. I’ve picked up extra needle tips from Hobby Lobby to supplement it and it is nice to have so many sizes at your fingertips.

Also, I have some of the Knitpicks Options interchangeables (not the whole set) and they are really great, too. The cables are really flexible and the tips are really pointy.

There are supporters of all brands here; I can’t speak for the Denise set because I’ve never used those.

Happy researching! :waving:

You have it right…just turn it. :thumbsup:
I have tried others but I love the OPTIONS Iv’e always wanted my Addis to have nice points. The options have nice points, stitches slide like they do on an addi, and you get the versatility of interchangeables.
I love to knit in the round. I will put a 5 on the right side and have a 4 on the left side, my knitting goes much faster this way. :smiley:

Why would you put on two different sized needles? I’m always up for learning something new!

The stitches slide along more easily and the loops have more room for the working needle to pick them up. I do the same when I use 2 circs together.

Bownishcoat, I do the same thing with 2sock on 2 circs. :smiley:

The stitches don’t grab, stick, or bunch. It makes the gathering and sliding go faster. Then you get to knit more! :cheering:

Girls, Thank you very much for your replay!