circular knitting

Have been trying to knit a baby hat on circular bamboo needles but the stitches coming on to the needle from the plastic connecting string seem tight, don’t slide and are difficult to get on the needle (to the point where my fingers are sore). I didn’t think my stitches were particularly tight but the whole thing is a battle. Would metal needles help?


A few questions

  1. Which cast on did u use?
  2. How many rows have u done so far?


Another thing to do with circs is use two. Knit say 1-20 on one needle, then 21-40 on the next.

I always make it a point to knit a few from first needle to second.

So, say you are just starting with 40 on two circulars. I’d go around once then when I got to the other needle, I’d knit a few from second onto first. Then I continue and knit to the end of sts on the needle, and a few from the next needle.

That way you never change needles in the same place.

Hope this makes sense.

Have you tried DPs? Mostly, do what works for you. Best of luck.

Even a 16" circular needle may be too large for a baby hat. I use magic loop and a long cable… usually 40" because that works for me. 2 circular needles also works. The benefit of magic loop or two circular needles is you don’t have to switch to DPN to decrease the top.

I’ve done about six inches (about six times now and ripped each one out for various reasons).
Was using “Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-on” as directed. Now I’m starting from scratch again….

There will be no fibers left on this yarn at all but, fortunately, this is supposed to be my prototype.

Thank you all. Will have to get my head around this advice (and research magic loop!)
My main problem seems to be the stitches tightening somehow on the cable and then
sticking on the bamboo needles.

Something else I thought of. It could be that your circular needle is too long for the number of stitches you have.

Can u post a picture here of your project so far? Then tell us hot long your needle is and how many stitches you have??

It could be that you are having to stretch the stitches out too far to get them to connect.


When I make newborn, baby hats, I use dpns, they seem to be more comfortable for me, as I am NOT good at magic loop.
The bamboo dpns actually help hold the stitches then.

will try that–thanks!

For cast on, I like the Twisted German cast on. I use it for hats and mittens. I learned my lesson when casting on mittens with long tail and it wouldn’t stretch over the kid’s hand to get it on. Check the KH tutorial section. That’s where I learned it. At first it looks like one extra unnecessary step, but it stretches beautifully!