Circular Knitting

I’m having an issue making a bag with my circular knitting needles, but after I while, I notice that it creates a large hole in it because the line connecting them is too long. And I can’t figure out how to fix it. I just keep trying to get that hole smaller and smaller but it doesn’t seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

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Are you using one circular needle to knit in the round? What length? Or are you using another method, like magic loop?
Which pattern are you making? Can you give us a name or pattern link?

I’m not using a pattern.

It’s a size 6 29inch circular needles.

Maybe the number of stitches on the needle are too few for the needle length? That would stretch out sts and leave a gap. Can you post a photo of the problem? (use the little upload arrow when the reply box opens.

What do you mean “the line connecting them”? Do you mean the cable between the needles? If so that can happen if you are trying to magic loop with too short a cable or you have too few stitches for the length of your cable. So… what weight yarn are you using? How many stitches are cast on? What method are you using… I mean are you trying magic loop or just knitting in the round with stitches all around? If you can post a picture it might help. Don’t hold the camera too close as it’s too hard to see what you are doing and the problem area.

The result of me trying circular knitting a bag.

How many stitches do you have on the needle and what weight yarn are you using?

I’m starting with 3 and slowly growing the number. I’m using one of the lily sugar 'n cream cotton yarns at the moment.Found the weight, 4.

It’s too long a needle for so few stitches if you’re trying to connect them on a 29 inch needle.
If you’re doing magic loop, it might be easier with a longer needle but I’ll defer to @Jan_in_CA in regard to all things magic loop.

Cotton can be a little hard to work with till you get the hang of it because it has no memory. Once it stretches it stays that way till you wash it usually.

So what method are you using? Is the bag pointy on the bottom? I’ve never seen one started that way. I think starting with DPN might be a better way to start then switch to circular needles. If your bag is small the 29" will be long enough for at least single loop. If it’s a big bag you may be able to knit with enough stitches to simply knit in the round.

Is this your first time knitting in the round? If it is you might want to try casting on more stitches and learn to knit in the round without the increases.

I tried the technique, having a bit of difficultly making stitches after starting a row of 60.

Basically what I’ve been doing is starting with 3 stitches and then bring it back around to start a new row, tightening the loose bits to gain another stitch while I’m working.

Is it more like I-cord, where the yarn from the end of the row is pulled across the back to the first stitch? (see 1:12 minutes on this video)

Or are you joining to knit in the round, like this:

One thing you can do that might work is to knit flat for several rows doing increases as normal then join. Having more yarn on the needles might help. You can sew up the bottom later.

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