Circular knitting

I am making a summer top, it has vertical lines running up the bodice, almost corset like, trouble is my lines are not running straight, they seem to be leaning at about a 15degree angle, will they straighten as I wear it or will I forever adjusting and pulling it straight as I wear it? Perhaps it is my technic, or is there a trick to keeping the lines straight?

Thanks for any suggestions.

It might be something about the yarn itself or the tension on the yarn. Sometimes yarn is over twisted, twists around itself and needs to be unkinked. It can help to use a “yarn susan” to avoid adding more twist to yarn. That way the yarn is smoothly pulled from the outside of the ball or cake.

Loose tension favors biasing.
Are you knitting the top in the round or with seams?
What pattern are you making and what yarn are you using?

I did notice the yarn kinking up and tried to unwind it occasionally, do I have to unpick it. It is Patons 8 ply 50 cotton 50 acrylic.

You might try blocking it by washing and pinning out but I think it’s always going to tend to bias or twist. Going down a needle size (and maybe making a larger size to compensate) might help. You could try it out on a swatch.