Circular knitting & scrunched stitches

Is there a way to keep the stitches moving smoothly along when knitting in the round? I’m knitting a hat in St st and every time I really get in a groove, I have to stop, push the stitches down the right needle, around the cable, and up the left needle.

Are stitches crunched as in you have to many for the cable or you mean you just have to push them around?

It’s normal to have to move them sometimes. Same thing you have to do on straights. The cable is smaller, but the needle is larger and they can’t slide over easily sometimes. You may be knitting tightly, too.

I just have to push them around. I am using the Denise interchangeables #6 (16" for a hat). Maybe I am knitting tightly - I’ve been really trying to be a bit looser but I guess old habits die hard…

The Denise cable for hats is actually 17 inches. I had some problems on occasion with that, but it’s usually okay. The problem with Denise in your case is probably the fat, rubbery cable. I now have Options and everything moves much easier.

Cross your fingers - I asked for Harmony’s for Christmas. I thought when I bought the Denise set the cable looked really big, but I reeeeeeeeally wanted a set of interchangables… Serves me right for not waiting.:oo:

There really is very little wrong with the Denise needles. The cable is as thick as it needs to be to work for their set. The problem is that when you get down to their smaller needles it is as thick as the needle itself which can make it more difficult to work with. It is really the only reason I made the change to the KPOs. I loved my Denise needles but i was working more and more with the smaller needles and the thick cable wasn’t working well for me.

Just remember when you switch to the Knit Picks needles, there is nothing like a 16 inch interchangeable. You will have to learn magic loop or 2 circ knitting if you want to do something like a hat (unless you get one of their fixed circulars.)… they only have longer cables.