Circular Knitting Redfined

Ok first I want to say that I am not looking for a free pattern and I did check with my library already and they don’t have this book.

I have this book, “Circular Knitting Redefined.” I found it among my mom’s many books while cleaning out her apartment after she past away this past March. Mom treasured all her books and would never rip any pages out of them. The book that I have is missing a page and of course it is a pattern that I already started making. It is called "Sweetie Pie Stripes and it is a baby sweater. The page I am missing is page 33/34. It is one page but one side should have the finishing directions for the baby sweater and the other side should have the beginning directions for a beautiful woman’s sweater. I would like to have both sides of this page so I can finish the baby sweater and I would also love to attempt the woman’s sweater as well. I don’t know any other way to aquier this page except to ask on different forums to see if anyone has it. If anyone here can help I would truely appreciate it. You can reach me at.

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What a pain! I don’t have the book so I can’t help, but have you tried Ravelry? It’s a free site and I see that there are 4 people who have made that sweater. Possibly one of them may be able to help you out since they obviously have the book. Ravelry is free if you aren’t a member now. You may have to prove you own the book, but a photo of the book may convince anyone if they need convincing. :thumbsup:

It’s not a good idea to put your email in a public post. There are bots roaming the forum that can grab email addresses and probably use them for spam. :zombie:

If all else fails, the book is available at Amazon and Walmart (and several sellers, Google the book title). Good luck in finding the missing page, which would be ideal.

Thanks I will check out Raverly. I know I should not have posted my email, that was not very smart of me. Is there any way I can remove it now?

There should be an edit button at the bottom of that post, click on it and a message window will come up with your post and you can take out the email.

I removed it for you this time so we could get rid of it quicker, but you can edit your posts as Sue suggested. :slight_smile:

I called the publisher today and they are sending me a new book. My mom’s account was still open and they had all her information. The book I have now is hard cover and they are sending a soft cover but I’m not complaining.
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Excellent! :thumbsup:

Please post pictures of it when you’re done. I’d love to see it. It sounds like a great pattern.