Circular knitting questions

I’ve been lurking since early November when I started knitting, but now I have a few questions.

I’ve been working on my first hat on circular needles and now that I’m at the top the pattern instructs me to switch to DPNs. I don’t have DPNs - is there a way to finish on circulars?

I tried switching to a smaller cord (my MIL bought me a set of Denise Interchangeables for Christmas!) but dropped a bunch of stitches and made a huge mess. Is there a way to switch cord sizes more easily?

My last question: this is the first project that I’ve attempted to alternate colors. The row that I switched yarn was obvious on the RS of the hat but smooth on the WS (because in circular knitting, the outside is the RS, right?). How do I do the join so that it shows on the inside but is smooth on the outside?

Does that make sense? I’m talking about how you can see where I was knitting into one color yarn with the other color. I just want that part to be on the WS of the hat.

Thank you so much (in advance)!

you can put the right sized needle on the front of a pair of interchaingables and anything close/smaller on the back end
and use them instead of DPN
use 2 or 3 sets
just an idea


You could cap one end of the current cable after removing the needle. Then put the removed needle on the size cable you want and cap the end of that cable. Knit onto the new needle/cable combo, when you finish the row, replace that cap with the needle from the now empty cable.

i say add a longer cable and do magic loop

that what i plan to do

That’s what I’d do, too.