Circular knitting question

I am knitting baby booties using the magic loop method on circular needles for the first time. How do I transfer the stitches onto a smaller circular needle when I come to do the cuff please?

Just start knitting with the smaller diameter needle. There’s no need to slip your stitches to the new needle or anything. Just knit with it. Easy peasy nice and easy.

It didn’t work out. I knitted in the round only to find I’m facing the cable. I’m doing the magic loop.

What do you mean by “facing the cable”?

If you use the new needle and knit the first stitches on the front needle then pull the old one so that the stitches are at the tip and pull the cable of the new needle through (much simpler than it sounds!) you should be able to simply continue knitting.

The needles won’t be facing in the same direction. I slid all the stitches out of one side onto the smaller sized needle and then did the same for the other side. I’ve yet to do the other bootie.

Thank you, it seems obvious now. The other problem is that I’ve got some messy looking loose stitches when going in the round and I find exactly the same problem with DPNs. It happens when I turn when all the stitches have been knitted off one needle and I’m about to commence the next. This stops me being a fan of circular knitting.

Loose stitches at the ends of the needles, dpn or circulars, are called laddering. Tightening the first couple of stitches on the needle, keeping the needle tips close together with dpn or with circulars keeping the cable at the back close to the front needle can help. Eventually if you pay attention to tightening those stitches it becomes habit and you’ll see a big improvement. I rarely use dpn so any other tips for them will be someone else’s province entirely.

Thanks that’s more or less what I thought. The video however advises knitting quite loosely for magic loop.

I didn’t catch that part, sorry. With practice you find the tension that works for you. I don’t knit all that loosely and I don’t have much problem with ladders anymore.

I never have problems with dpns or when using two circs. I knit two or four sts onto the nexxt needle all the way around. Doing this the change spot is not always in thes ame place.

That might work for you.

I’ve never tried magic loop as I have no problem with dps or putting work on two circs. Again, I always knit a bit from the next needle onto the one I’m just finishing. No ladders, no loose joins.

Thank you, I have heard that before and will try it out. At the moment however, I find knitting on circular needies rather disorientating.

My theory for many many things in life is, “If it works for you it’s right for you.” If things work, don’t bother changing.