Circular knitting problem/socks

I can’t figure out for the life of me why, as I’m knitting in the round, continuously, my stockinet stitch is backwards. The purls are all on the outside (the “right” side) and the knit stitches are all on the inside! I am knitting socks on circulars and so my socks are now inside out as I’m going. Does this even matter? Can I just turn the socks inside out when I’m done? I still would like to know what I’m doing wrong. It’s making my brain hurt trying to figure this out! Help!

Thanks! :??


It happens to me sometimes too and I just turn them inside out as soon as it happens if it doesn’t change the pattern at all. I am pretty sure it happens to me as I am knitting those first few rows. they don’t actually get ‘twisted’ but they do twist themselves between inside out and right side out so i just don’t worry about it until i get to the stockinette part and then pop them through so they are the right direction. :shrug: probably not technically correct but it has never effected the outcome for me.

(boredom after the gusset is what effects the outcome for me…lol [that was for Dustina]) :teehee:

Yea I think I just figured out the answer to my own question. I am starting a new circular project, but without 2 circulars, just the one and it’s comeing out fine. The diffence? On the socks, I allowed the knitting to come out of the bottom of the needles-towards the floor-instead of coming out the top-towards me. That turned it backwards. Sheesh. I learn more stuff making mistakes…


That’s how we’re suppose to learn…we remember better if the error caused us a little pain.