Circular knitting needles?

Ok so I finally got a circular knitting needle :woot: but I have no idea how to use it to knit flatly… anyone wanna help me out?


Cast on normally and then you use the two ends to knit. Remember that when you knit flat your working yarn will come from the stitches on your left needle. When you get done just turn it around so the stitches are on the left with the working yarn coming from the end again.

If you have a lot of stitches on the cable you can accidentally join and knit in the round if the yarn is in the wrong position to knit. No big deal, we’ve all done that at least once when we were learning. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m switching a project onto the circular because I don’t wanna misplace my needles again >.<

Ha! Yep, that’s one of the nice things about them!

you have been so helpful since I joined the forum :slight_smile: thanks for helping me out

:aww: Thank you! And you’re welcome, you’re doing great!

I find it funny because knitting is so effortless to me… but crocheting is so hard >.<

I have encountered a problem with my circs, the cable between then has no give and is way to tough… at the end of this project I wanna soften them, any tips? it’s a nylon I think between them

I don’t know if there’s a way to make them more flexible, though dipping the cord in hot water or using a blow dryer on it may help. Usually they become a little less stiff as you use them.

thanks, will try that after I finish my scarf… I don’t want to put the yarn through a hot water bath >.<

What brand are they? Now you know why most of us knit with Knitpicks, Addis and the like. :wink: If you do a search on interchangeable needles you’ll find many threads onthe topic.

their boye… I bought them from walmart… you get what you pay for, when I have the money I’ll buy good ones… I just need these to work until I get a job >.<

Been there, done that. I use circulars for everything now. I’m not chasing rolling needles around the floor, poking someone sitting next to me, or digging them out of the sofa. You can push your work onto the cables when you take a break and the stitches won’t fall off the needle.

I actually like Boye needles - the tips are pointy which can be helpful and I use them for magic loop which a lot people say you can’t because the cords are stiff. They are, but I can make it work.

It’s the same for me, cept I need to do the cord when I get home… too stiff to work with on my entrelac scarf

I’ve used mine with entrelac, the cords are only too stiff if you want to do something like magic loop.

I need to do magic loop for hats on this, I’m gonna work the cord to make it more flexibly

An entrelac hat? After you join, you don’t really work in the round unless there’s ribbing. At least on the hats I’ve seen - you turn and work on the WS too and only join the edges of the triangles or blocks at the end of each ‘tier’. If you’re using a 16" that might be the problem. Use the 16" to cast on and work the edge/ribbing, then use longer ones to do the blocks with.

Lol no not entrelac hats, just hats in general xD I’m not crazy enough to try that

Oh, regular ones. What size is the needle? Do you know about single loop? It works for needles that are too short or stiff for ML.