Circular knitting needles

hi all, can you help,

i am very new to this , and it is my first time knitting using curular knitting needles. i have been knitting a hat for my self it started out ok i am a quarter way through the hat.

i have noticed that the patten has changed. the patten on the inside has gone to the out side. the pattern on the outside has
gone to the inside . I do not know how I did this. but i want to change it back again . and i am using a simple knit stitch.


There could be 2 things going on - sometimes work flips around inside out, so you can just flip it back through the middle and it should be right. The other thing is if you put it down, when you picked it up again you started to work with the yarn on the left needle like you do when knitting flat and you’re knitting the WS instead of the RS. You always work in the round with the working yarn coming off the right needle. If that’s what happened, you would have to rip it back to that point and turn it around so you’re on the RS. A picture would let us see it and decide which is what happened.

There are some really good pictures here that show how you should be holding your knitting when knitting in the round.

As Sue said it’s really easy to pick up the knitting and accidentally go the other way especially when you’re learning. I bet that’s what happened.

How does it look? If it isn’t ugly, before ripping it out, you might try to figure out where it changed, then change it back at the same position, knit a few rows and see how it looks then. If it’s cute, you could just call it a “variation” and incorporate the switch into your pattern. :cool:

as everyone said it was flipped round i did figure that out
i must say that it is a nice effect on the hat can you do that on ordinary straight needles

thanks for all your help