Circular Knitting Needles Questions

Hi .:grinning:I was wondering if a person could use a 19 ich circular length cable needles for the magic loop or the traveling loop?:thinking:

Also,Can a person use a long circular needles for making making small diameter projects without using the magic loop method or the traveling loop method?

What do you guys think?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You wouldn’t be able to use a long circular on a short diameter without using magic loop (assuming magic loop is what I think it is ie you have the ‘wire’ or whatever you like to call it ‘spare’ so that you can actually knit onto the needle) and you’d need a small circular or dpns. Personally I use dpns.
I don’t know what the travelling loop is so I can’t comment.

1st question - No it’s too short for magic loop. It may work for traveling loop, but it’s likely still too short.

2nd question - No you have to use magic loop or traveling loop. The stitches won’t fit around the needle on small diameter knitting. You can use DPN for those if your cable won’t do magic loop or traveling loop.