Circular knitting needles questions

Hi . :grinning:I was wondering if a person could use one long circular needle for making hats and for socks ?and is it possible ?:thinking:what are you guys thoughts on this and did you guys ever do this?

Sure, if u want to knit a flat hat and then seam it up. Otherwise you would have a huge hat for King Kong if u used one really long circular needle.

Otoh, I haven’t knitted too many hard so wait and see who else posts here!


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Absolutely! I use long circular needles for most of my knitting. My socks are done on 40" or 47" circulars, two at a time. You have to have a flexible cable and for magic loop it needs to pretty long. I think the recommendation is at least 32".
Traveling loop can be done with a shorter circular.…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…0.2.230…0.BJK5DIZpskE

I only use circulars. For in the round things I usually use magic loop. I don’t like traveling loop myself. I feel like it causes more problems at the joins, but to each his own.

Directions in KH videos or on You Tube.

yes, all i have is long circular needles . longer needles are more versatile for blanks and socks, whereas sock needles can’t make blanket unless you do something like 10stitch

I use dpns for socks, premie hats, and finishing adult hats. All these “magic loops”, “travelling loops”, and fruit loops just confound me.

:joy: DPNs work fine if you’re happy with them no need to change. One thing I like about magic loop is that you don’t have to change methods in the middle of the hat to decrease. There is a video here in KH or here’s another I found helpful when learning. (BTW I don’t like traveling loop. I prefer a longer cable and do magic loop)

I agree with Jan!
I also use circulars for everything, and I’ve been using magic loop forever. I even prefer using a long needle with magic loop over using the right size needle for hats and socks! Idk why, it’s just more comfortable for me to be able to adjust the length of the needle according to the point in the circle I’m working on : P
You can find a bunch of tutorials on YouTube and on the Knitting Help videos

I use the long one for everything. If I use anything shorter it seems the longer I knit I run out of room on the needle. It’s just me tho.