Circular knitting needles - aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!,


Hi all - newbie here! Hope you’re all doing well this morning :blush: I’m knitting a throw for my sofa & the pattern suggests using circular needles. First time using them & they’re a pain! I ‘m right handed & when knitting, I tend to put the needle under my right ‘armpit’ but can’t do that now. Are there longer circular needles that you can buy & if so where? It’s just the actual knitting needles not the cable that joins them. Tia x


Hi! I’m assuming that you have a set that allows you to connect different length cables to whatever size needle you need to use. I Googled the brand of the set I use and found sellers of that brand and found one that sold the needles and cables separately. Hope this helps!


The longest needle tips I’ve seen are 5 1/2". Most of mine are shorter than that.
There are custom made needle with longer tips but they aren’t cheap.

I wonder if your pattern could be knit in strips on straight needles and stitched together?


I’m wondering how many sts you have on your needles?? If it’s not that many, you “might” want to try using straights.

Can’t hurt to try!!


Thank you ladies. I cast on 121 stitches & the yarn is super chunky but I may try using straight needles & see how I get on - the cn’s I have are 5 inches…I just struggle but with persevere! x


Let us know how it works out!!! Wondering, which pattern are you making? I’m always on the lookout for new afghan patterns!



It’s ‘over the rooftops’ from Love Knitting. The yarn is chunky so it’s really not great on straight needles but i thought I might knit 2 or 3 & then ew them together!


Interchangeable needles have connectors that allow you to connect different cable lengths to make them as long as you want. Looks like Hiya Hiya has a set. My Knitpros Zing needles included one. Knitpicks interchangeables has one you buy separately.image


I read about a method used by some people who practice fixed needle knitting (which it sounds like you were using a variation of, if you were doing “pit knitting”?), when working really wide flat pieces you can use three long double pointed needles instead of two straights, and distribute your stitches between two of the three needles. you simply work back and forth across the two needles. I’ve done this with 8 inch dpns to work a wider flat piece when i didn’t have long straights or a circular in that size.

(You may not want to run out and buy new needles just for this project but it might be something to think about maybe. Long dpns aren’t always found in shops but you can find a few choices online easily enough).