Circular knitting needle question

Thanks for answering my question. I didnt have a link for the pattern, it was free and I had just copied and saved it as a .txt file. Sorry I didnt mean to break any rules. That did answer my question. I just need to do less stitches. Thanks so much!

I bought 16" circular needles but I instead of getting 16" 10.5 in size, I made a mistake and bought 16" 6.5

US or metric sizes? US sizes have a 10.5 which is the same as a 6.5mm. Are you sure you aren’t mixing something up size wise? Just need to clarify what you’re talking about here…

Is this bulky yarn? I looked up Lopi and there are several weights and types of yarn.

If it’s stockinette you can just cast on less… 60 maybe? But you may need to know the head size and the math with your gauge or experiment. If it does have earflaps you’ll have to figure out how to make them centered based on your stitch count.

We’d prefer you’d just post a link rather than the entire pattern because of copyright issues. Delete the part that’s not relevant by editing your post. Thanks! Also there are a lot of hats with that name…