Circular knitting: Length of the circular needle

I am a beginner knitter and trying to knit on a circular needle (pattern says so) I’m using the correct needle (nylon size 6, 16"). I have enough stitches - but there is still some left over “nylon” in the middle - is this ok? How do you close/join the ends then?

The CO is usually a few inches shorter than the knitted item will be around. To join, you just knit the first CO st and snug up the yarn so there’s not a gap. Since your co is short, you can pinch the cord and pull it out between 2 sts and push the sts towards the end and join that way. You may need to keep doing this for a couple rows until it gets longer and the sts will fit around the needle well. Unless you have too few sts, then they may not fit around at all.

Thank you! I will try it that way- great tip!!