Circular knitting help

I am knitting a hat with decreases. The directions say to switch to double pointed needles when too small for one circular needle. I’d like to knit with 2 circulars instead. Do I transfer half the stitches or can I knit them onto the second needle? Not sure how… The videos I’ve seen start at the beginning, so I am not sure how to proceed with a work in progress. Thanks!

Just knit half the stitches with the first new needle and the second half with the second new needle. Or if you’re keeping the needle already have in there just do that once.

Thanks. Once I read your reply and got started, it made sense vs. just staring at it!
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Bella thanks you! :teehee: She 3 yr old rescue. She appears to be a Ragdoll mix and I think the “mix” is possible dilute calico.

Good luck