Circular knitting...Graphing or Inersia?

I’m knitting something on circular needles. It’s small so it will either be on Dpn’s or the Magic Loop method. So what is everyone’s vote? Graphing (Duplicate Stitch) or Inersia?

I think you mean intarsia? I don’t believe you can do intarsia in the round. Intarsia is when you have big blocks of colors.

Maybe you mean fair isle or standed knitting? that would be using 2 (typically 2 but sometimes more) colors in each row.

I’d want to know a little more about what your knitting - as in how many colors and how often colors will change - before I can say how I’d do it.

Well, to start, yes, I was unsure about the spelling…it’s inarsia. And I’m not really doing fair isle. I’m making a penguin…lol. I need to sew in a white tummy and white eyes. (Well…white and black but the penguin is already black.) The white is only on one side of the penguin and in some parts between the eyes there’s at least 6 sts or more between so I have 2 strands of the white. So technically…I have 3 strands. (The black and 2 white.)