Circular knitting and chart reading

I posted a bit ago about the stocking that I am knitting from Annie’s Woolens and figured out what I was doing wrong with the holding the needles. But now I realized I have one more issue.

Up to this point I have only followed pattern charts while using straight needles and read them right to left for row one and left to right for row two, etc. but with circular knitting wont I read the chart differently? It says to start in the upper left hand corner reading left to right, but that seems like the wrong way! (it would be the purl rows in the straight needle knitting.)

Any Thoughts?

Most charts have you start in the lower right corner and read to the left. But if you’re going top down and the chart is rightside up, you may start at the top and go down. I’d do what they say for this pattern because they specify following it a particular way and it was written that way for a reason.

For cicular knitting you will be reading the chart in the same direction every row not alternating left to right with right to left.

Though this particular pattern would seem to have you read left to right on all rows. Or you could turn the chart upside down, and read from the bottom up from right to left like a normal chart.