Circular knitting- a mug cozy handle?

I am trying to knit a mug cozy on circular needles. I am trying to figure out how to make the “hole” for the mug handle to slip through. Right now, I would like a circular hem at the top and bottom that the mug could slip into, but I cant figure out how to make a slit for the handle. Would I just have to cut and restart each row where I want the handle to slip through? Any other thoughts?

If it’s going to be felted you could just cut a hole for it after it’s done. If not then you can stop knitting in the round and go back and forth for the section that is the handle. When it’s long enough just join and start in the round till you finish.

Ah Hah! I am so glad I asked! So I will pretend that the needles are straight needles and knit one row, purl the next for stockinette stitch, right?

Yeah, I knew there would be a way that would be better than lots of cutting and weaving!

Thanks so much!

exactly! If you have access to knitting magazines at a yarn shop or library, Interweave Knitting Holiday 2007 has a similar pattern (but with garter stitch on the sides), and that’s exactly how its done. the bottom circle is done on dpns, then back and forth for the sides, then adds stitches for ties at the top (or if your yarn is stretchy, you could just rejoin!)

Yep! I used this method for a teddy bear I made. I wanted to leave a gap where I could pick up stitches for the arms and it worked like a charm. :slight_smile: