Circular help!

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I just found this website and am so excited! I am a rookie knitter, trying desparately to become a veteran, but have a question and would love it if someone out there could clue me in…

I am about to start knitting a blanket per my son’s request and the pattern calls for a sz 10 - 39" circular needle. The largest I’ve been able to find is 36". Please keep in mind that I’ve never used a circular needle before (hence my cluelessness). :slight_smile: Can someone explain circular needles to me and give me some advise on located one of this size. Some sites have mentioned that you have to factor in the length of the needle (that is where I became completely confused!) :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help!

when you are measuring for needle length on circular needles they are talking about tip to tip length. I haven’t seen too many 39 inch circs around but i would think either a 36 inch or a 40 inch would work fine. What kind of yarn does it require and how many stitches is it telling you to cast on?


For a blanket, you do not need to have exactly the length (length=needles+cord) needles required, and will be able to fit all of the stitches required onto a 36" or larger, and likely even onto a 32" if that’s all you have on hand.

How many stitches are to be Cast On per the pattern? Which yarn?

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It calls for Bulky weight yarn and says to cast on 168 stitches. Thanks!!!

hmm… I would think you should easily be able to cast on that many stitches on a 36 inch circular.

[color=indigo]It should fit on a 36"needle. Sometimes, the longer the needles the harder it can be to manage the growing knitting. Stitches will usually scrunch up into submission. :teehee:



I’m assuming for a blanket you’ll be knitting back and forth, not in the round. In this case the length of the needle isn’t important as long as you can fit all the stitches on the needle.

When circular needle length really becomes important is when you are knitting in the round. For instance you couldn’t knit a baby sweater on a 32" needle because the circumference of the knitted item is smaller than 32" and the stitches won’t go all the way around the needle.

For a blanket a 36" needle will definately work. :happydance:


Thank you everyone for your help with this…I’m very anxious to start! :slight_smile: