Circular flat knitting

I’ve looked for an answer to this question, but I just can’t seem to understand, so I apologize for asking this question because I"m sure it has been asked already:

I am going to use circular’s to knit flat, so I just have to make sure my ‘working yarn’ is on the right, right?

Because I did a few stitches and it looks like it will be connected, but when I get to the end it should be okay?

PS: is there a video about knitting flat with circulars?

It shouldn’t look like it will be connected. After you cast on, put the stitches in your left hand and work the row. When that’s done, switch hands again as in two-needle knitting.

Can you pull the two ends apart from each other?
Try to imagine that you are knitting flat with two straight needles connected by a string. You are knitting the usual way, empty needle on right, stitches on left needle, wool coming from tip of left needle. Google for pictures or videos if you can’t understand a verbal explanation.


I got it now. I was holding the stitiches in the wrong hand! For some reason I thought I was suppose to have the stitches in my right hand and thats why there was a little connecting yarn connecting it. :knitting:

But thank you very mucho, :thumbsup:
luv, sue

There are lots of advantages to knitting flat with circular needles. You’ll see a lot of really experience knitters doing this.

First, you don’t clunk your needle ends against your lap, pet snuggled in your lap, the table, your neighbor in the chair beside you, etc.

Second, you can fold up your project and tuck it away in a bag for carrying much easier with circulars. Less needle to poke out.

Third, you will never lose one of your two perfectly-matched needles.

So go for it. Count yourself as an experienced knitter now!


Glad you got it! Don’t feel like you have to knit only with circs though: plenty of experienced knitters prefer flat needles too. Use whatever works for you.

I have been knitting a long time. About eight years ago I had to make something that called for circular needles for flat knitting. I was instantly converted. You take all the weight of the knitting into your lap instead of on your wrists. There is less needle getting in the way of car windows, chairs, children, etc. You can use them better in tight spots, eg. cars, cubicles, etc. I love them and rarely knit with anything else anymore. Good luck to you and Happy Knitting!