Circular color change/join


Is there a preferred method of joining a new color when doing circular knitting? Like in the clogs, when you change to the cuff color, if you just start knitting with the new color, you have a big hole where it’s not joined anymore kinda thing, which of course can be fixed before felting, but I wasn’t sure if that was right. i’ve seen a trick at some of the sock sites where you knit with the tail first TBL or something, but I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate for this or not.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can just start with the new color. I usually knit a couple of sts, then tie the old yarn tail and the new yarn tail in a bow so it says together until I weave them in later.

I do one row in the new colour and, then, once I get back to the first stitch, lift the stitch below, (in the old colour) onto the left needle and knit that one together with the first stitch of the new colour.

Once that’s done, I carry on with the new colour until I’m ready to change again.

That will give you a ‘jogless’ stripe.

As for leaving no holes, you need to twist the two different coloured yarns around each other, (just the once, not kazillions of times) on the wrong side before knitting with the new colour.

I’m sure there are much better explanations here on KH!

I’m having the same problem with holes. How does twisting help?

Twisting the yarns loosely helps lessen the gap where you change the colors.

I answered in your other post, nadinez.