Circular cast-on

I am making my first knitted afghan. I have crocheted many but never knitted one. I saw on the back cover of Knitter’s magazine(the inside cover) an afghan and started to drool with I have to make it syndrome, lol. cloud9 I started it and have made three squares. The fourth square uses the circular cast-on and I see the crochet version of magic circle. I think easy but with the method the author describes I see trouble after many tries later. :knitting: I was at my knitting group and therefore always have a couple of things to work on. Afghan square goes back into the bag because I figure there has to be an easier way to do it then her method,lol. :thumbsup:So I am busy knitting on a shawl which is one of my many wips and chatting with the group. I figure after all the complicated:) knitted items I had made why is this easy thing tripping me up, lol. I get home and google the cast-on and discover that Elizabeth Zimmerman is the person I should thank for this cast-on, YEAH!!! :cheering: I do find there is a crochet version of this cast-on and a knitted(many online helps) and they both look the same. I haven’t decided yet the method I will use but authors should realize when writing to make it as easy as possible because sometimes a picture isn’t worth a thousand words but a good video is.:figureditout: