Circular cast on?

What is this? In the instructions it appears to leave live stitches, is this another name for crochet cast on?

I’ve never heard it called that, but if it leaves live stitches then it’s probably an invisible or provisional cast on.

I use this one because it’s really easy:

Thank you! That is what I was thinking. It must be a difference in European terminology

There’s a circular cast on where you cast on around in a circle. What’s the pattern where you see this refered to, and are you supposed to have a circle of stitches when you’ve finished casting on, or not?

It could be something Emily Ocker’s Circular cast on. Google for it under that name, I don’t have a link. It would be used to start something knit in the round from the center out, like a blanket or top down hat where you start with just a few stitches.

It is for the Ishbel Beret. You cast on 88st for the hat band

I google the cast on and it does seem to be for a very small number of stitches

Probably not the same one then.

Look at the end of the pattern and see if there’s anything about going back to the cast on stitches to knit a brim or cuff. If so, then it’s probably a provisional cast on. If not, then use any cast on.

Yes, the cast on is knitted in after several rows

Oh, to make a hem. Then you would use a provisional cast on.