Circular Cast on and slip stitches

OK I have cast on 162 stitches and have worked my pattern up to the point of slipping stiiches.

When I slip a stitch purl-wise…do I throw my thread over to begin the next two knit stitches?

Since last night, I have ripped out whole thing and started over twice.

What is “frogging” and “tinking”?


Slipping a stitch purlwise just means insert your right needle into the front of the stitch as if you were going to purl it. Unless otherwise stated, you don’t move your working yarn (sometimes instructions say to move working yarn to the front).

If you’re not moving your yarn, it will be in the proper place for starting a knit stitch after you slip.

Unless otherwise stated in the pattern, a knit stitch is made with the working yarn in back (away from you, as one post-er mentioned), and that’s where you should put the yarn to start a knit stitch.

Does that clarify?

Forgot your other questions:

tink is “knit” spelled backwards…it’s undoing your knitting stitch by stitch, unknitting.

Frogs say, “rip-it, rip-it” and that’s what you do when you frog your knitting—you have more to take out than is practical for tinking, so you either put a bit of yarn in before your mistake as a “brake,” like a lifeline (you can watch the video here about using lifelines), and just unravel your work to that point…or pull it all as, as the case may be.