Circs for socks

My mind is boggled!!!:zombie: I know this is something I already knew before but can’t figure out:shrug: or remember now. :whoosh:

For knitting 2 socks at a time, how long do my circular needles need to be? I can’t even remember where to look to find out! :waah:

I’m wanting to order the Knitter’s Pride Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set and thought I go ahead and get some skinny needle tips or fixed circs at the same time.

Help? :pray:

Most of the patterns I have read for making two socks on one circular call for 40" or longer.

I use the ML method on a 40" KP fixed circular to make one at a time because for me anything shorter is to short. So a 40" or 47" should be ideal for 2 @ a time.

I too want to make 2 @ a time, but I just haven’t done it yet.

Wait a minute. You refer to needles (plural). Are you wanting to make them two at the same time but separately with two circulars each or 2 @ a time on one long circular?

If you are wanting to do them separately on two circulars then 2 16" or 2 24" needles for each sock would be enough.

I did 2 @ a time with worsted weight yarn and avoided 2nd sock syndrome. They matched too, and for me, that’s a real plus!

Apparently the Knitters Pride and KnitPicks needles are more or less the same, so being a bit short on $$ I thought I’d take the cheapskate route. I’m trying to decide which needles to get to try my hand with size 1 superfine sock yarn (a gift), and since I hate spending money it makes it even harder to think. Maybe if I could actually buy them at a local walk-in type of store it would help. I am so early 1/2 of the last century! Assuming I order fixed circs I think I’ll go with 40". Thanks for the help!

GG, I can only give my experience. I get 8 sts/inch on size 2 with KP Felici & OnLine Supersocke yarns, both are smallish fingering weight. My next online order will have some size 1 fixed circs in it to see what my gauge is on these yarns, which I love.

I’d recommend that you go with a length that will give you the amount of loop you like.

Liking lots of loop as Lighting does, I use a 40" for one sock and for 2 at a time I’ll go with a 47". I don’t know about knitters pride interchangeables, but it seems most sock needles are too small for interchangeable joins. <sigh>

I’m learning the 2 at a time cast on now because I’d like to have a pair finished at one time. Who’d think that knitters can be impatient? :lol:

Good luck on your search for needles, and please let us know how you like the 2 at a time technique with sock yarn.

I didn’t order yet. Parting with money is hard. I will make up my mind and place an order, I promised myself.

I think I just might go with the Cubics Fixed 40" Circular Needles in sizes 2.5 and 3.