Circle needles

i am working on a size 5 circle needle and its 16’’ and i am casting on 41 sts but i want to join the sts but it does not reach all away around can i still join the stitches

You’ll have to use another method for that many stitches. 2 circular needles, magic loop or double pointed needles will work. You need quite a few more stitches to knit in the round on a 16 inch. I cast on at least 68 for that size.

ok i am trying to make a baby booties

I recently made a pair of baby booties in the round on double pointed needles and it worked well. I recommend trying it out.

You can use a longer needle and ‘loop’ the cord as shown on the Advanced Technqiues page under Magic loop, or you can use 2 circulars or dpns that also have videos on the same page.

i am going to do it on dpn but how do i Divide 29 sts on the needles its my first time

The sts don’t have to be divided exactly equally. Approximately the same number on each needle is fine. If you’re using 3 needles and one working needle, 10, 10 and 9 would work just fine. Later in the pattern it may tell you how to divide the sts but to start out, this will work.

im have in trouble holding the dpn how do you hold them

It’s a little wild for the first round or so but gets easier after that. Here are a couple of videos that may help, one and two.

Although it’s not, strictly speaking, an Advanced Technique, this site ( has videos showing how to knit on DPNs under Advanced Techniques.