Circle chart

I’m trying to knit a No Smoking sign for my house. I was going to buy one but I figured, I’d rather one homemade. I actually have the cigarette all charted out, that was easy…the funny thing is I Can’t figure out how to chart a circle outline. (Silly, right?) I’ve tried every way I can think of. I’ve tried using a image to graph program but that gave me a circle that was 3 lines thick. I only need 1…or 2 at the most. 42 stitches long (and tall…lol.) I’ve tried filling in block by block but it always comes out looking like a blob or an oval. I’ve even tried searching different charts that May have a circle. I can change the number a little but only bigger and I don’t want to make it too big. Thanks in advance for any help. :muah:

Go to thisLINK and see if any of the charts on this page are helpful. There are several with circles. One I noticed that seems to have close to the number you need is one in black, red and white with a big “F” on it. The inside of that circle is about what you need. If none of them work maybe they will help you figure out how to make a nice circle. A circle will always be kind of jagged looking but from a distance will look pretty good.

The link wouldn’t take you right to the page, so you have to navigate a little. On the first page it brings up, look on the right for a link called “Knitting Patterns”. When it brings up that page, look on the left for “Soccer Logos”. When it brings that page up, when I clicked on any one of the logos it brought up charts for all of them. Lots of circles. Hopefully something will help.