Circ Problemo!

Okay, so I’m knitting my first scarf on the circular needles (Hogwarts scarf) and I got the 16" US8 needles, I cast on the recommended 70 stitches and to start joining around, i REALLY have to spread out my cast on stitches! Is that okay or should i cast on more??

You’ll be a lot happier if you cast on more. Knitting on circs shouldn’t be a struggle.

Thanks Ingrid, you always answer my silly novice questions! BTW I like your new little pic thing!

There seems to be a banana theme going on!!

Yeah i see that!! :lol:

Umm…well, i cast on 10 more, but i keep having to push the stitches around as i go…is that normal or should i just go get the 12" tube? I really don’t want 90 stitches!

Also, it said “stockinette” stitch, but when it’s in the round, does that mean i purl every stitch?

Sorry, i’ll learn eventually! :oops:

When you knit in the round, you knit every stitch, on the outside of the “tube”, and you get stockinette.

There is some moving of stitches on a circ, of course, but if it becomes a pain, then it’s not worth it. If you can find 12" circs, that might be better than having to knit more stitches than you want. The needle part of 12" circs are short, though. I don’t mind them, but some people do.

And don’t apologize for something you don’t know. We’ve ALL had the same questions.

Thanks! Actually I got interchangeable needles, so when I was at the store I was staring :shock: at the tubes, thinking 16…12…16…12, and i got 16, but i can easily go back and just buy the 12 tube! no prob. with that, the needle points will be the same. They only had the “put together” ones in 29", so much for selection!

Okay, so if I understand you correctly, and I may not, I knit 1 row, purl 1 row, just like on straight needles then I will end up with purl on the outside and knit on the inside?? OR vice versa??

Thanks for being so patient with me!! :thumbsup:

When you work st st in the round, KNIT every row. The purls automatically end up on the inside. When you’re knitting on circs, you’re always working the front, and the front of st st is knit, right? No purling at all is necessary, unless you want garter or some other pattern.

And remember–circs are measured from tip of needle to tip of needle. It makes a difference!

OH MY GOSH! :figureditout: Thank you so much that makes sense! I dont’ know how it ends up looking “purl” on the inside, but i trust you! You’re the best!

Yeah, i totally forgot to add in the length of the needles, i think i’ll be going back to the store!

Thanks again! :cheering:

The back of any knit stitch is a purl, and the back of any purl stitch is a knit. So in reality, there is only one stitch needed to knit anything in the world!

WOW! I like that! :happydance:

My 1st scarf knit in the round was done on 12" addi’s and I cast on 70 sts with worsted wt yarn…it was a tight fit with the 1st couple of rows, then everything went along quite nicely!! I love doing scarves with my 12" addi’s …as Ing said, lots of people say that they don’t like them bc the needle is short, but I :heart: :heart: mine!!

I agree. I am making the Hogwarts scarf and I am also using the Addi 12" size8 needles. Love them. The tips are a bit small, but I don’t mind.