Cincinnati, Ohio

I don’t see a thread for southwest Ohio so thought I’d start one!

My husband has a job interview in Cincinnati on Tuesday. I hope that he gets it for 2 reasons. First he has been looking for work for 18 months in SC and Second, if we have to move back to Ohio, I would love to locate in the Cincinnati area.

Love, In Christ,

Hi Kemp,

I live in Cincinnati. I am a very new self taught knitter. I have learned so much just by using this website. Though I love my new found hobby, I just haven’t had much time to sit down and do it! Working a full time job, coming home to two demanding kids, and catching up on my chores (inside and out) leaves little time.

I’ve been trying to get some of my friends to knit so we have an excuse to all get together but so far they have no interest!

Thanks for starting this thread.


Hi - I am a self taught knitter, also. Have become a sock knitting addict lately. Taught myself how to knit socks on dpns and intend to learn how to knit socks on circs very soon. Now I want to knit a pr of fair isle mittens before I go back to socks. And then a seamless sweater (ala Jacqueline Fee/Elizabeth Zimmerman). And then…who knows!? I love, love to knit!!

Barbara L.
Cincinnati, Ohio:muah:

Hi Barbara,

I just learned how to do socks also…I used Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks book to learn. I did the class sock. I did two of them and they are both hilarious…you can tell they are socks but I made so many mistakes. I am very proud of them! It was a great learning experience and I think I know where I went wrong so I have started a new pair.

Fair Isle is a little too ambitious to me. :?? I’m barely passed the scarf and hat stage!


Hi Kemp -

Just wanted to day hi - I lived in Cincinnati for 20 years but moved to NY 8 years ago. I loved living in Cincinnati. It really is a great town. I lived in Mason for 15 years and then in the Milford area for another 5.

Say hi to Skyline Chili for me… I can still taste it!


Just click on the link for Skyline!



[B][COLOR=“Indigo”]Let’s try this…


That’s not fair!!! OK now I also want a Frisch’s Big Boy, some ribs from the Montgomery Inn, some Graeter’s ice cream, and one of those huge double deckers from Blue Ash Chili…



Ahh, I’ll have to look for Graeters and M. Ribs. :wink: I knw there is a Graeters in Cincinnati and one where the fairly new Meijers is. ( Love That Store! )


Both the Montgomery Inn and Graeters are on Montgomery Rd near Blue Ash.

The ribs at MI are the best - I think there is (was) also one on the river on one of the barges maybe and one in Anderson twshp. But I have not lived in Cinti for 8 years so who knows. Graeters in a Cinti tradition - they have amazing ice cream. You have to try it… let me know what you think when you do.

I live in Springboro, where my dad did and i’m a young knitter and so , I came form Dayton , OH and i misss my favorite old resturant called Old Hickory. oh my how i miss it. i don’t think i’m near yall’

Yay! Cincy peeps! Pocketful…you’ve not too far…within an hour.

Sanibelle…if you ever get crazy for skyline or Graeters be sure to check out this site:

[B]Now that I’m back from vacation, I’ll start looking for a Graters. :slight_smile:


[B Hey Graeter 's Lover’s,

BIGG'S now carries Graeter's! Just wanted to share!


[B]Hello Everyone!

I’m working on squares for a Blanket for our son’s bed.

Here they are:

Here is the LINK to it.

Explore ssedgebeer


Hi other Cincy knitters!:waving:

I’m Kae and I live in the Goshen Twsp area.

Sanibelle, the MI in Anderson burnt down a few years back. They now have the Boathouse on the river and the original one in Montgomery proper. I LOVE that place. G

I’m a new knitter…so new that I’ve not even been to a real LYS yet. LOL I’m afraid to go…think I might buy out the store!



What is the LYS? We live West of Cincinnati.


[B]Hmmm, Still waiting tio find out what LYS is… :wink:


[B]O.K. NOw I KNOW what an LYS is. LOL I have been to JoAnns almost 2 times a week. I’m suddening shopping for yarn left & right. even if I’m just window shopping.