Cigar Gloves from Knitty

Okay, I’ve never knitted gloves before. I’ve done plenty of fingerless mittens, but never gloves. Anyway, I’m knitting the Cigar Gloves for my dad as a Christmas present and I’m already confused. I searched through every post on here about gloves I could find and no one had the same question as I do. Here we go:

K6, place next 22[24, 26] sts on waste yarn, CO 2, rejoin round and k to end of round. 14[14, 15] sts.
K 5[6, 7] rounds (or until work reaches bottom of first knuckle).
BO very loosely.

Isn’t there a different between “placing on waste yarn” and “knit with waste yarn” (i.e., the thumb hole for Knitty’s “Fetching”)? Is it the same as placing those stitches on a holder? If so, how am I supposed to knit 7 more rounds if I have two separate portions of my stitches sectioned off and on hold? I’m just incredibly confused about this waste yarn for the thumb hole and fingers portion. Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Placing on waste yarn is like using a stitch holder, except you need it to be flexible so you can join the remaining stitches.

You’ll be knitting the first 6 together with the remaining stitches after you co 1. The ones on hold will fold as you bring them together.

Ingrid beat me to the punch as I was trying to figure out how to answer your question. I was too busy fiddling with my circular needles and yarn to see if I could figure out how it worked before I answered. :aww:

I just wanted to add that you simply continue knitting the rest of the round after you put the stitches on the waste yarn. Like the Fetchings you’ll pick up those stitches and the extra cast on stitches again when it’s time to make the thumb itself.

If you do like Ingrid says and trust the pattern, it will make sense.

Thank you both, so much! Your instructions were perfect and I’ve already completed the index and middle fingers of my dad’s gloves. :slight_smile: