Cigar from Knitty and the Skulls hat--FOs

Another FO–woo. I did both of these gloves (and a third b/c I’m making two pairs) in about a day and a half. They’re for my boyfriend to match the skulls hat I also made for him (see below). He works in radiology so he likes skeleton humor. I gave them to him for his birthday last night and he got a kick out of them.

I’m “ehhh” about them. The hat looks pretty ridiculous and floppy and misshapen in person, and the gloves are just ok. But boy, they were a pita to knit–I did not enjoy them at all. I’ll probably never knit gloves again, heh. The hat was just ok, maybe I’ll eventually get better so my hats don’t look so crappy in the future.


Sorry they were a pain to knit - but everything looks great!

Great start! Learning gloves and fair isle both! Great humor about the job!

Mama Bear

Those look wonderful!

Thanks very much everyone!
I’m not terribly pleased with them, but The Boy just about loved them. And he says everyone at work is double-jealous: once for the handknit factor, and again for the work related silly pattern.

I’ll probably knit him another hat soon that looks nicer. More relaxed gauge and with some ribbing.