'Chunky' sleeve

I’m shortly going to finish a sweater so am planning my next one which will be the Butte tunic by Quince and is knitted in chunky. Generally when I knit bottom up sweaters in DK I knit a 15 inch sleeve length as I’ve got short arms which generally means my sleeves are anywhere up to around 6 inches shorter than the pattern. However with the Butte pattern the sleeve length is 15 1/2 inches. So I’m wondering if because it’s chunky yarn I might have to knit the sleeves shorter than 15 inches? Or is it just a case of trying on the sleeve as I knit it?

Your suggestion to try on the sleeve as you knit is the best idea. The only other consideration is that the sleeve should match the body at the joining row so that the yoke patter continues the pattern.
There seems to be some variation on the Ravelry projects. Some have knit 3/4 sleeves and others have added inches to the sleeves.

From what I’ve read of the pattern so far you knit 4 rows, I think it is, of the textured pattern on the sleeves and body before joining so what I was planning on doing was knitting one sleeve, tinking back 4 rows and knitting the pattern then knitting the second sleeve to match

Whatever gives you the length to the underarm will work as long as you keep the 4 row pattern in mind. I consistently need to knit shorter sleeves than a pattern recommends partly because I don’t like sleeves covering my hands but mostly because of a deficit in arm length. Oh, well.

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