Chunky Knits on the Runway!

Can you say FAB-U-LOUS?! I have been noticing a lot of chunky knit in fashion this week and thought I’s share. I can’t wait until it cools off a whole bunch here in Texas!!!:woot:

Oh dear god… they look like they are eating them alive. Not a fan of that kind of knitting at all. :zombie:

Eewwwwww that is a little too extreeme for me!

They do look like they’re being eaten alive! :roflhard:
Not exactly practical, and it’s not like you’re going to be seeing anyone walking down the street sporting that look, but that’s to be expected at those kind of fashion events I guess.

Nevertheless, knits are definitely big this season … I’ve seen lots of chunky sweaters, scarves, etc. which is awesome! :woot:

Hi! :waving:

That is seriously EXTREME! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

But I’m sure there’s an eskimo somewhere who would totally groove to those designs! :thumbsup:

It gets cold here in Maryland but I think that might be even a bit extreme for our climate. But…I wonder what kind of reaction I’d get wearing one of these designs pushing my cart at the local Food Lion?

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I LOVE seeing the inventive ways knitting can be done!

Ruthie :clink:

:roflhard: They do Jan!! That may just be a tad overly chunky for my taste! But…I was freezing last night and those sure look like they would have warmed me up!~

Those scarves look like they would better fit Paul Bunyan than a “regular” sized person!! And that one woman is wearing something like a wisk on her head!!!

Where would you ever buy some SUPER chunky yarn that size anyway??? Fun to look at though!!


Wow, the one on the bottom left looks like a boa constrictor wrapped around her!

This reminds me of the video awhile back in which the woman knitted a square with --can’t remember if it was 100 or 1000 strands of yarn. Also raises the question: Why would anyone do this? The scarves look heavy!! linknit 41

Holey Moley! Are the Knits wearing the Models as the accessories?

I’d love to see the size of those knitting needles they’d have to be pretty huge too. very pretty scarves but they look more like blankets to me.

Yeah…gotta be like knitting with bats!! :lol:

:lol: Thanks for sharing those. What a nice laugh. Those stitches are huge. I wonder what you call that weight of yarn. BTW is that model #4’s hair sticking out so creatively from her head? I saved those so I can show DH what is “in”.

and the gauge is 1 st per foot. lols

hahaha….lots of fun there!

but seriously, it does get so very cold here in wintertime, I could see myself wrapped in a blankey version of one of those scarves. We have winter 5 months long, and it can be very very coooold…